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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

Update on “No more water!”

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Beyond Janwar Castle, Blog, Social Impact | No Comments

A few weeks ago we’ve launched our “Fotos for Water” campaign – and we are happy to announce that we’ve almost accomplished the project! A few things remain to be done and as soon as the rains allow us to move on, we will!

The point of departure

Janwaar was facing a serious drought. 800 out of 1000 cows and buffalos have died because there was no more water. Late April the water hand pumps were already dried out – two months earlier than usual. The women had to walk 4.5 km in the heat of the day to get some water.

The situation now

  • We’ve dug a tube well.
  • Built the construction for our 5000 l water tank.
  • Installed the pipeline infratructure.
  • And made four tabs available for all villagers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 08.10.19
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And we started to build two bathrooms.

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Next steps

  • We install a solar water pump,
  • solar panels to power the pump and provide enough electricity for our bamboo house
  • and the four flood lights at the skatepark.
  • And we will give the bathrooms a roof 🙂


We should be done in the next four weeks if the rains allow us!

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