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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

The Model School / Olympic Centers is one of our most ambitious projects ever. It’s a result of our work with various partners over  the last year and it’s now ready to take off. Over the next three years will set up at least three Olympic Centers (skatepark, hostel) combined with a Model School, which suits the real needs in a rural area. The Model School will provide a 360 degree learning experience and broaden the kid’s understanding of what learning is all about. They will explore and experiment – without passing any kind of exams and they will realize that learning can be fun and that it is NOT restricted to textbooks and classrooms. It will empower them to become a more complete human being, to build a stronger village culture and to make a decent living in their villages – while they get trained in skateboarding.

Model School

Our idea of a Model School has 5 pillars:

    • The first pillar is the government school with the traditional curriculum in the village itself. Through teacher training Prakriti, our learning partner, will improve the capabilities of the local teachers and Prakriti will have in addition to the government school “learning labs” where the kids can come and get on a very individual basis coaching lessons which help them to find their own path in whatever they do – away from the traditional curriculum.
    • The second pillar are the arts – here our partners Art Ichol and Kunderpura – and again with the help of Prakriti we will design special learning labs.
    • The third pillar of the model school is sports – in our case skateboarding.
    • The fourth pillar is our bamboo house where the kids can come and build stuff. It’s on its way to become a maker space where the kids can build what ever they want to.
Sepi building a mp3-player out of electronic bricks

Sepi building a mp3-player out of electronic bricks

  • And the fifth pillar is a kisan school where the kids explore and experiment farming. 90% of all the children in the rural areas work in the fields and farming is a fundamental income source – still farming is not an issue at all in primary education. Why? Our partners are Prem Singh and the organic farmer Laxman Sukhramani in Janwaar itself with whom we will set-up an exploratorium for farming throughout the village of Janwaar.

Olympic Centers

We are working on building three new skateparks in villages max. two hours away from Janwaar. All skateparks will complement each other – they will have a beginner as well as a professional section. Currently a German group of architects is working on the designs. Construction phase is planned to start in October 2017. Our goal is to send at least one kid from our area to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

A center includes a hostel where at least 10 children can stay and each location is contributing at leat one pillar to the model school. We are convinced that the energy from the skatepark – we’ve seen it in Janwaar – will fuel all other activities in a very positive way.

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  1. Janhavi Desai
    March 27, 2017

    I am trying to get in touch with you because we have a client who is interested in finding out more details about your work. We would also like to explore opportunities for collaboration. Please let us know how we can contact you!


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