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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

Loved by All

Shivraj’s first part of the scholarship is coming to an end. For the past six months, he had been attending Prakriti School in Noida where he was brushing up on the basic skills of English, Hindi and math. 

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Shivraj at the reception area of Prakriti School

The family he was staying with during this course was Mrutyunjay’s and Julie’s. At his free time Mrutyunjay is one of the three directors of the Janwaar Caste Community Organization – otherwise, he is busy in data analytics. Julie is a senior eye surgeon at the Shroff Medical Institute. They have three kids Pahi, Joey and Jay.

Lately, Mrutyunjay is a bit worried what will happen to his family when Shivraj is finally leaving. Over the six month, Shivraj has become a supporting pillar for the whole family. Pahi, the eldest daughter, is very individualistic in nature. She doesn’t friend anyone easily. When Shivraj start living there, she would slap him for no reason. But now, she respects and trusts him. They sleep in the same room and play together. The younger daughter, Joey, is a soft one. She wants her clothes to be changes only by him. He takes care of Joey, saves her from all the fights with Pahi. She loves her Shivraj bhaiya. Jay, the little one, would never get on the bus. The parents had to drop him to school. But now with his Shiv bhaiya around he is learning to go by school bus.

It’s not just the three kids who are relying upon Shivraj. Also, Julie, their mother, cherishes his support. Shivraj opens the refrigerator, sees no milk, comes up to Julie and ask, “There’s no milk, I’ll go and buy it” and he goes. The way he is carrying out these little actions is just astonishing to her and they are filling her heart with joy. What Shivraj thinks or does, is not even imaginable by anyone in the family. Mrutyunjay recalls a surprising incident. One day Shivraj went around the house and collected all the empty bottles of mosquito repellent liquid. There were bottles of different sizes. He came up to Mrutyunjay holding 10-12 of these empty bottles in a bag and said: “All these are empty, shall I go and buy the refills?” 

In six months, without saying a word, without pushing anything, Shivraj has become a caring elder brother to the kids, and a helping younger brother to Mrutyunjay and Julie. Only time will tell how their lives will change when Shivraj has gone back to his village.

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