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Janwaar Castle is a learning camp with a skatepark at its core. It's a social experiment and the goal is to transform the village of Janwaar into a wealthier and more prosperous place.


Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Blog, Skatepark | No Comments

In March 2015 we’ve started on ebay our auction “ARTBOARDS / SKATEBOARDS”. Artists from around the world, many of them friends of mine, have offered their ART free of charge to design skateboards – and we auctioned them with the help of skate-aid to raise the funds to build Janwaar Castle. At the end of the auction we’ve had 16.000 USD and we were ready to build the park!

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The invitation to turn a SKATEBOARD into an ARTBOARD was taken up not just by “hotshot” artists like the Chinese Ai Weiwei but also by local kids in Jodhpur, the village where we started our first skateboarding workshop with Steve Weighman and his freemotion team from Delhi. The galaxy of stars supporting the project extended from artists whose names are household words like the Indian pioneer Raghava KK, the internet trendsetter Joi Ito and the young star photographer Vicky Roy from New Delhi to internationally famous artists like Austria’s Ernst Handl, New York’s Egon Zippel, Germany’s artist couple and Golden Nica winners Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss and the Berlin photographer Axel Pfennigschmidt. Dagmar Woyde-Koehler, widow of the German artist OUBEY, has given the work of her late husband – a new lease of life in this exceptional format that deliberately shuns the conventions of the established art world.

Two Romanian artists were also on board – the Berlin entrepreneur and painter Béa Beste and Elisabeth Ochsenfeld with a host of international shows to her credit. On the national/local level we’re pleased to have gained the support of Indian and German artists. Bea Gschwend, the creative mind behind all we_activities, Bernd Herweh from Heidelberg (the hometown of the project’s initiator Ulrike Reinhard) and the art studio MAATI in New Delhi that supports and trains artistically gifted people from rural areas of India.

We were also joined by a “local hero” from Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh – the “best living artist” from the city of the Kamasutra temples, Ashok, whose temple paintings enjoy international reputation.

In short, we’ve assembled a richly diversified group of people who all wish to see social change and support it – for a wide variety of reasons in a wide variety of forms.

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